O tell me no more

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General information

This is an hymn by John Gambold, published in James Hutton's A collection of hymns with several translations from the hymn-book of the Moravian brethren, 1742. Meter is 55. 65

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1. O tell me no more
Of this world's vain store;
The time for such trifles
With me now is o'er.

2. A country I've found,
Where true joys abound;
To dwell I'm determined
On that happy ground.

3. The souls that believe,
In paradise live:
And me in that number
Will Jesus receive.


4. My soul, don't delay,
He calls thee away!
Rise, follow thy Savior,
And bless the glad day.

5. No mortal doth know
What He can bestow,
What light, strength, and comfort:
Go after Him, go!

6. Lo! onward I move,
And but Christ above
None guesses, how wondrous
My journey will prove.


7. Great spoils I shall win
From death, hell, and sin;
'Midst outward afflictions
Shall feel Christ within.

8. Perhaps for his name,
Poor dust as I am,
Some works I shall finish
With glad loving aim.

9. I still (which is best)
Shall in his dear breast
As at the beginning,
Find pardon and rest.


10. And when I'm to die,
"Receive me," I'll cry,
For Jesus hath loved me,
I cannot say why.

11. But this I do find,
We two are so joined,
He'll not live in glory
And leave me behind.

12. Lo this is the race
I'm running, through grace,
Henceforth, till admitted
To see my Lord's face.


13. And now I'm in care
My neighbors may share
These blessings: To seek them
Will none of you dare?

14. In bondage, O why,
And death will you lie,
When one here assures you
Free grace is so nigh?

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