Promptuarium musicum

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Promptuarii musici, sacras harmonias sive motetas V. VI. VII. & VIII vocum, e diversis…autoribus, antehac nunquam in Germania editis… . Collectore Abrahamo Schadaeo…

Publication date and place: 1611 by K. Kieffer in Strasbourg.

  1. Promptuarium musicum, Pars Prima (Abraham Schadaeus), 1611, 83 works
  2. Promptuarium musicum, Pars Altera (Abraham Schadaeus), 1612: 100 works
  3. Promptuarium musicum, Pars Tertia (Abraham Schadaeus), 1613: 121 works.
  4. Promptuarium musicum, Pars Quarta (Caspar Vincentius), 1617: 132 works

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All four prints on IMSLP.