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==General information==
==General information==
'''''Regali ex progine...cujus precibus''''' is the 3rd {{CiteCat|Antiphons|antiphon}} at [[Vespers]] of the {{CiteCat|Nativity of the BVM}} (Sept. 8).
'''''Regali ex progine…cujus precibus''''' is the 3rd {{CiteCat|Antiphons|antiphon}} at [[Vespers]] of the {{CiteCat|Nativity of the BVM}} (Sept. 8).
==Settings by composers==
==Settings by composers==

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General information

Regali ex progine…cujus precibus is the 3rd antiphon at Vespers of the Nativity of the BVM (Sept. 8).

Settings by composers


Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Regali ex progenie Maria exorta refulgent:

Variant 1

Cujus precibus nos adjuvari, mente et spiritu, devotissime poscimus.

Variant 2

cuius vita inclyta illustrat Ecclesias.

English.png English translation

Mary, sprung from regal progeny shines brightly with mind and spirit:

Variant 1

we most devoutly ask that we may be aided by her prayers.

Variant 2

whose celebrated life illuminates the churches.

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