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'''1.''' <tt><nowiki>{{ArrangementsList}}</nowiki></tt> (on Joseph Noyon page)
:<tt><nowiki>{{ArrangementsList}}</nowiki></tt> (on Joseph Noyon page)
==Arrangements by Joseph Noyon==
==Arrangements by Joseph Noyon==

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This template is intended for use on a composer page or CPDL editor page. It displays a list of arrangements by a given composer, and categorizes the page in "Category:Composer pages using ArrangementsList". The pages will be listed only if the page does not contain the template {{Arranger}}, but an edition on the page is assigned to Category:<composer-name> arrangements.

Basic syntax
Usage with optional parameters
Usage with named parameters (in any position)

1. {{ArrangementsList}} (on Joseph Noyon page)


Arrangements by Joseph Noyon

Ô Nuit (Jean-Philippe Rameau)