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{{BDYearsInDecade|{{{1}}}|births}} People born in '''{{{1}}}{{{2}}}'''.<br>''See also:'' [[:Category:{{{1}}}{{{2}}} deaths|{{{1}}}{{{2}}} deaths]].
{{BDYearsInDecade|{{{1|190}}}|births}} People born in '''{{{1|190}}}{{{2|0}}}'''.<br>''See also:'' [[:Category:{{{1|190}}}{{{2|0}}} deaths|{{{1|190}}}{{{2|0}}} deaths]]. <includeonly>[[Category:People grouped by birth year| {{padleft:{{{1|190}}}{{{2|0}}}|4}}]]</includeonly><noinclude>
[[Category:Category header templates]]

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1900s births: 1900-1901-1902-1903-1904-1905-1906-1907-1908-1909

People born in 1900.
See also: 1900 deaths.