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CPDL #00000: 

Please do not delete this template. It accomplishes several purposes, important for tracking CPDL numbers and collecting information about editions.

(1) It is a test for categorizing and tracking CPDL numbers, via a scheme that pads CPDL numbers to 5 digits and categorizes, say CPDL #01234 in category:CPDL 012xy, with sortkey 34 (CPDL number modulo 100). Thus, there would be fewer than a thousand (currently less than 300) new "CPDL abcxx" categories created.

(2) If, say, the page "Edition:CPDL 01234" exists, it is intended to hold all the relevant information to the edition with CPDL edition number CPDL #01234, and indeed the "CPDL #01234:" would be a link to "Edition:CPDL 01234" (if the page does not exist, "CPDL #01234:" is not a link).