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{{Instruments|<instrumentation as normal text>}}

Syntax with optional parameters:

{{Instruments|<instrumentation as normal text>|<post text>|pre=<previous text>}}

The previous and post texts will not be analyzed, even if they cite instrumentations.


{{Instruments|A cappella (opt. piano/organ accompaniment); OR String ens. (i.e. Strings: violins or 1 violin, viols and cello), flutes and B. Cont.; OR Lutes, winds (or 1 flute) & continuo.}}

produces the text

Instruments: Category:DPL templates (opt. Category:DPL templates/Category:DPL templates accompaniment); OR Category:DPL templates (i.e. Category:DPL templates: Category:DPL templates or 1 Category:DPL templates, Category:DPL templates and Category:DPL templates), Category:DPL templates and Category:DPL templates; OR Category:DPL templates, Category:DPL templates (or 1 Category:DPL templates) & Category:DPL templates.

and categorizes the page in all associated Category:DPL templates.