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This template is meant to format the entry for a single or multiple languages (up to 8).

If a work has only one language, use:

If a work contains macaronic text, or has text underlay in more than one language, use:

For each language used, the work will be categorized in the proper language category.

Special cases

For works that are sung only with Ah´s, Oh´s or bocca chiusa, use:

For works that are sung with an onomatopoeic or made-up language, use:

For works whose language couldn't be identified properly, use:

For works that are not supposed to have an underlay text (like Hymn tunes or Anglican chants), use:

The work will be categorized respectively in one of these categories: Wordless works, Works in invented language, Works in unknown language or Works in unspecified language.

With the exception of "None", all other special cases can be mixed with a regular language:

Other features

The template now accepts language names mistakenly typed with lowercase initial. The same applies for the special cases cited above:

The links will be displayed normally with uppercase initial and the work will be correctly categorized in Works in English, Works in invented language.

A text can be added after the language or list of languages when necessary:

The «text» will be displayed on the same line.