The booke of Common praier noted (John Merbecke)

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The booke of Common praier noted (John Merbecke) at the Petrucci Music Library (IMSLP)



At the Communion

  • The Introite Blessed is that man that hath not walked
  • Kyrie
  • Gloria in excelsis
  • The Crede
  • The Offertories
  1. Let your light to shyne
  2. Lay not up for your selves treasure
  3. Whatsoever ye wold
  4. Not every one that saieth
  5. Zache stode forth
  6. Who goeth a warfare
  7. If we have sowen
  8. He which soweth litle
  9. Let him that is taught in the word
  10. Godlines is greate riches
  11. Charge theym which are riche
  12. God is not unrighteous
  13. He that hath pitie
  • The Preface The Lorde be with you.
    • Upon Christmas Day
    • Upon Easter Day
    • Upon the Ascention Day
    • Upon whitsunay
    • Upon the feaste of the Trinity
  • Sanctus, Bendictus
  • Almightie and everlyving
  • Our Father
  • Agnus Dei
  • The post Communions
  1. If any man will folow
  2. Praysed bee the lord god of Israel
  3. Happy are those servauntes
  4. The servaunt that knoweth
  5. The hour commeth
  6. Behold thou art made whole
  7. If ye shall continue
  8. He that hath my comaundementes
  9. If ye shall byde in me
  10. If God be on our syde
  11. Who shall lay any thinge
  12. The night is passed
  13. Christ Jesus is made of god
  14. Know ye not th ye are the temple
  15. Ye are dearly bought
  16. Be you folowers of god as dear Children
  • The Lord be with you … Almighty &c

At the buriall of the dead

[Much as at Category:Burial services ]

At the communion when there is a buriall

  • Introite Like as the harte
  • Kyrie
  • Sanctus/Benedictus
  • Agnus