Tui sunt caeli

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General information

Offertory for the feast of Christmas. Source of text is Psalm 88 (Vulgate) vv.12, 15a

Settings by composers

Original text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

12  Tui sunt caeli et tua est terra, Orbem terrarum et plenitudinem ejus tu fundasti.

15a  Justitia et judicium praeparatio sedis tuae.

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

12  Tieid az egek, és tied a föld; a föld kerekségét, s a mi azt betölti, te alapítottad. (Verse|15a}} Jog és igazság a te széked alapja

English.png English translation

12  Thine are the heavens and thine is the earth, the world and the fullness thereof thou hast founded.

15a  Justice and judgement are the preparation of thy throne.

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