Walter Lambe

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Born: c. 1450 or 1451

Died: after 1499 possibly 1504

Biography English composer. His works appeared in the Eton Choirbook (1500-04), the Lambeth Choirbook (1500), and the Caius Choirbook (1520).

View the Wikipedia article on Walter Lambe.

Choral works at CPDL

Choral works not (yet) at CPDL

  • Ascendit Christus a 4v
  • Gaude flore virginali a 4v
  • O Maria plena gratiae a 6v
  • O Regina caelestis gloriae II a 5v
  • Sanctus, Old Hall 97

Other works not listed above (See Template:CheckMissing for possible reasons and solutions)

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See Contents of the Eton Choirbook for a partial list of pieces by this composer and any outstanding requests filed here on CPDL regarding them.

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