Weary world, when will it end

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General information

This is an hymn by Charles Wesley, 1747, Redemption Hymns No. 30. Meter is 77. 77. 77.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1. Weary world, when will it end,
Destined to the purging fire!
Fain I would to heaven ascend;
Thitherward I still aspire:
Savior, this is not my place,
Let me die to see thy face.

2. O cut short the work in me,
Make a speedy end of sin,
Set my heart at liberty,
Bring the heavenly nature in,
Seal me to redemption’s day,
Bear my new-born soul away.


3. For this only thing I wait,
This for which I here was born,
Raise me to my first estate,
Bid me to thy arms return,
Let me to thine image rise,
Give me back my paradise.

4. For thine only love I pant,
God of love thyself reveal,
Love, thou know’st, is all I want,
Now my only want fulfill,
Answer now thy Spirit’s cry,
Let me love my God, and die.


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