Augustin Pfleger

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Born: c. 1635

Died: after 23 July 1686


Pfleger was born in Schlackenwerth, Bohemia, where he became Kapellmeister and dedicated his Opus 1 to the Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg. In 1662 he went to Güstrow as vice-Kapellmeister to Duke Gustav Adolph of Mecklenburg and in 1665 he was appointed Kapellmeister to the Schleswig-Holstein court at Gottorf, where he was succeeded by Johann Theile in 1673. A ms. cycle of 72 German cantatas for the church year is dedicated to the Flensburg city council. In 1686 he returned to the court at Schlackenwerth and vanishes from the record.

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List of choral works


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  • Psalmi, dialogi et motettae, 2–5vv, bc, op.1 (Hamburg, 1661)
  • Odae concertantes … in Actu Inaugurationis lusit musicorum chorus et compositione … (Kiel, 1666)

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