Benjamin Beddome

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Born: 23 Jan 1717, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England

Died: 3 Sep 1795, Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, England


"This prolific hymnwriter was … early …apprenticed to a surgeon in Bristol, but removing to London, he joined, in 1739, the Baptist church. At the call of this church he devoted himself to the work of the Christian ministry, and in 1740 began to preach, which he continued until his death, on Sep. 3, 1795, at the age of 78. Mr. Beddome was for many years one of the most respected Baptist ministers in the West of England. He was a man of some literary culture. In 1770 he received the degree of M.A. from Providence College, Rhode Island. … It was his practice to prepare a hymn every week to be sung after his Sunday morning sermon. Though not originally intended for publication, he allowed thirteen of these to appear in the Bristol Baptist Collection of Ash & Evans (1769), and thirty-six in Dr. Rippon's Baptist Selection (1787), whence a number of them found their way into the General Baptist Hymn Book of 1793 and other collections. In 1817, a posthumous collection (about 460) of his hymns was published." (John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology 1907)

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