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Hello all,

Pages for composer anniversaries have been added to CPDL. Here are some pages:

There are also links on the Main page.

The final step (besides some cleanup/formatting work) is to add birth/death categories for ~700 (!) composers. There is a list at Composer years, which lists all of the category lines that need to be added. I made a misguided effort 2 months ago, with the result that many composers have the categories appearing, but not registering as categories. Basically for all composers from 'F' to 'Z', one must click the 'edit the page' tab, make sure that births and deaths categories at the bottom of the page are accurate, then click save the page. The format must be

[[Category:#### births|Lastname, Firstname]]
[[Category:#### deaths|Lastname, Firstname]]

Here is an example:

[[Category:1756 births|Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]]

If the birth (or death) is unknown, the format is

[[Category:Unknown births|Lastname, Firstname]]
[[Category:Unknown deaths|Lastname, Firstname]]

This 'edit/save' step must be done even if it appears that the categories are there. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated!

Best regards,

Rafael Ornes
Manager, CPDL

I did the Z's yesterday and will try to do more (working from the end of the alphabet towards the front). ChuckGiffen 07:20, 1 March 2006 (PST)