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Copy3d.gif This page is part of the Copyright section for CPDL.
See individual pages for details and conditions.

A "personal" copyright usually means that the copyright is held by the editor or composer, and the copyright holder does not wish to specify the licensing terms using one of the other copyright categories defined on CPDL.

You can find more details about the copyright of a score:

  • elsewhere on the score page,
  • on the PDF file itself (usually at the bottom of the first page),
  • on the editor's user page,
  • or by sending the editor an email if you have tried the options above without success.

Please note: On our site, you will find scores that run the range from being original compositions uploaded by the composer of the work itself, to editions of works that have passed out of copyright and into the public domain. When the underlying work is out of copyright and has passed into the public domain, the Personal, CPDL or similar copyright category designation on our site would generally refer to any creative or otherwise copyrightable aspects (if any) of the edition, rather than indicating that the editor claims copyright or other ownership for the underlying composition (e.g. the music that was composed by Renaissance composer William Byrd).