Congaudent angelorum

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General information

Sequence hymn for the Assumption of the BVM.
Lyricist is Notker Balbulus.

Settings by composers

  • Anonymous
    • I ATB (even vv. only)
    • II SAA (all verses except 13 and 15)
    • III AAT (v. 1 and even verses)


Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Congaudent angelorum chori
gloriosae virgini.
Quae sine virili
commixtione genuit.
Filium qui suo mundum
cruore medicat.

Nam ipsa laetatur
quod caeli iam conspicatur principem.
In terris cui quondam sugendas
virgo mamillas praebuit.
Quam celebris angelis
Maria Iesu mater creditur.
Qui filii illius debitos
se cognoscunt famulos

Qua gloria in caelis
ista virgo colitur
quae Domino caeli
praebuit hospitium
sui sanctissimi corporis.

Quam splendida polo
stella maris rutilat
quae omnium lumen
astrorum et hominum
atque spirituum genuit.

Te caeli regina haec
plebecula piis concelebrant mentibus.
Te cantu melodo super aethera una
cum angelis elevat.

Te libri virgo concinunt
prophetarum chorus iubilat
sacerdotum apostoli Christique
martyres praedicant.
Te plebis sexus sequitur
utriusque vitam diligens
virginalem caelicolas
in castimonia emulans.

Ecclesia ergo cuncta te cordibus
teque carminibus venerans.
Tibi suam manifestat
devotionem peccatu
te supplici implorans Maria.

Ut sibi auxilium
circa Christum dominum
esse digneris per aevum.

English.png English translation

In common celebration
Angels joy in Mary glorified,
Who without relation
Of mortal man, her Son supplied,
Who restores creation
By His body’s healing tide.

For now this Virgin’s heart rejoices
To see the Man as heaven’s Prince
That once amid the manger noises
Received from her His sustenance.
How angels sing the splendor
Of Jesus’ mother, Mary honoring!
Who, owning fealty, render
Their faithful service to Her Son, the King.

How brightly in heaven
They the virgin maid revere,
Whose body was given
To their Lord a lodging dear,
And as a chamber free from stain!

How fair is the shining
Of the sea-star in the heights,
Who, humbly inclining,
Bore the Light above all lights,—
Light of all spirits, stars, and men!

The queen of all heaven,
By all the humble church adored,
Who ever is given songs of sweet accord,
With all the hosts on high outpoured.

Whom sacred scriptures sweetly frame,
Prophets as in chorus joyful name,
Clerics and apostles jointly
And the holy martyrs all proclaim,
Whom man and maiden own the Way,
With their crosses foll’wing day to day,
Both in faith and true affection
Emulating saints above the fray.

All the church, in spirit soaring,
Thee with hymns adoring,
Calling thee most highly prized,
Faith before thee thus revealing,
Humbly to thy heart appealing,
Beseeches Thee to hear, O Mary,

That Thou wouldst forever deign
From the Lord Christ to obtain
Help by Thy pray’rs all-availing.

Translation by Matthew Carver © 2013

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