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Born: 29 November 1961

Biography: Born in Rome, where he completed his studies at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia graduating in Composition and Direction of Choir respectively with Teresa Procaccini and Mons. Valentino Miserachs, at the Conservatory "L. Refice "of Frosinone in piano with Elena Fierli, is composer, pianist, organist, choir and orchestra director. He perfected his composition under the guidance of Prof.ssa Procaccini and in Choir Direction with Prof. Suzan Contra. As a composer he has to his credit hundreds of works for piano, piano and orchestra guitar, guitar and orchestra, choir and orchestra. His music is performed in Italy and abroad, used in documentaries and cultural programs broadcast by some of the major radio broadcasters.

Among the most important compositions: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra in La Maggiore, dedicated to the maestro Fabio Montomoli and performed several times in Italy and abroad, most recently in Tour in Chile, performed by the Orchestra del Mauli, interpreted on the guitar by the same Fabio Montomoli; Sonata in D Major for guitar performed on world tour, in Europe, Asia, Oceania etc. "La Porta del Sole", Suite for clarinet and guitar performed by the duo Montomoli (Guitar) Lanzini (clarinet) in Italy, Europe, America etc. In Thailand the Requiem dedicated to the sovereign Bhumibol Adulyadej was performed in absolute. In 2013 he composed, on commission, a "Tu es Petrus", performed by the 1st organist of St. Peter, M ° Juan Paradell Solé, for the enthronement of Monsignor Bergoglio, Pope Francis. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Japan, he composed on commission, the song "Echi Mediterranei", dedicated to the piano duo Giuliano Adorno and Hukiko Hirano, performed for the first time in Tokyo in Agnelli Hall, of the Institute of Italian Culture, in November 2016. He has participated, with his songs in the project "La Soñada" (11-string guitar) presented this year by guitarist Christian Lavernier in Tokyo, as well as by himself performed in numerous concerts in Italy and abroad. He wrote the suite "Three moments" for the Spanish duo for piano and guitar "Cuenca". He wrote and dedicated to violinist Davide Alogna a Ciaccona for violin and piano. He has composed numerous choral works such as the chorus li "Traversando la Maremma Toscana" for chorus with 5 mixed voices on poetry by G. Carducci, among the various publications, for choir a motet entitled "Alla luna", inspired by the homonym poem by G. Leopardi ", in the magazine" Melos "(ed. Carrara)," the Spigolatrice di Sapri "(published by Feniarco) composed as part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. Lastly he composed for the quartet of guitars NAAM, led by Maestro Alessandro Nobili, the song "Tre danze" performed in premiere at the International Guitar Festival Avaro Mantovani, in Follonica at the Fonderai Leopolda Theater. His recent participation in the APP.RES (Appliance acoustic resonator) project was created by M.Maurizio Cialfi, with the execution of the master Giovanni Lanzini's clarinet of music written by the same master Iannitti Piromallo, for the presentation of the project in the main Italian conservatories.

Still, he composed two concerts for piano and orchestra, as well as, lastly, the scintillating Poema Sinfonico for piano and orchestra, dedicated to the Orbetello lagoon "Silver light" which will be performed in absolute premiere by the internationally renowned pianist Giuliano Adorno and City of Grosseto Symphony Orchestra July 13, 2018 in Orbetello, as part of the international festival "Orbetello Piano Festival".

Other works for trios, string quartet, piano solo, organ. In his production there are numerous works of sacred music such as the oratory "Jonas" for soloists, chorus and organ composed only 18 years and performed countless times in Italy, Rome Church of S. Chiara ai Giuochi Delfici, in the Cathedral of Grosseto, in the Cathedral of Todi, in Germany, in the Cathedral of Celle; Oratorio "La Natività" performed several times at the Cathedral of Grosseto and replicated in Rome in the Church of S. Agnese in Agone in Piazza Navona, the Mass of Santa Cecilia performed in the cathedral of Grosseto and other prestigious Cathedrals in Italy. In 2013 an "Ecce Sacerdos Magnum" for choir and organ for the installation of the Bishop of Grosseto Mons. Rodolfo Cetoloni. He is a member of the U.C.E.B.I musical team for which he works actively for the creation of new songs, arrangements and musical bases. He recently edited the arrangements and created the musical bases for the publication of the "Let's celebrate the Risen" Anniversary ed. Claudiana. He was Director, from 1980 to March 2017, of the "G. Puccini "of Grosseto, with which he has participated in countless national and international competitions, among which The National Competition of Vittorio Veneto and the Polyphonic Competition" Guido Monaco "of Arezzo, with numerous first and second prizes, has directed prestigious and innumerable productions ; as choir conductor, pianist and organist he has performed more than 500 concerts in Italy and abroad, often also conducting prestigious choral-symphonic productions, among which the "Requiem" KV 626e i "Vesperae Solennes de Confessore "by WA Mozart, the" Messia "by Händel, the" Te Deum "and the" Stabat Mater "by Verdi, the Stabat Materdi Pergolesi, the" Carmina Burana "by C. Orff, the" Misa Criolla "by A. Ramirez. He recently make a concert in Tokyo, by the invitation of tenor Ichio Sakatsume, at the "Arts Center Wind Hall ", performing pieces of European literature and his new compositions on the piano, including the" Princess "lyric, performed by Sakatsume himself.

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