Gaude Virgo, Mater Christi

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General information

A different text is set by Pierre de la Rue.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Gaude, virgo mater Christi,
Quae per aurem concepisti,
Gabriele nuntio.

Gaude, quia Deo plena
Peperisti sine poena,
Cum pudoris lilio.

Gaude, quia tui nati
Quem dolebas mortem pati,
Fulget resurrectio.

Gaude Christo ascendente,
Et in coelum te vidente,
Motu fertur proprio.

Gaude que post ipsum scandis,
Et est honor tibi grandis,
In caeli palatio.

Ubi fructus ventris tui,
Nobis detur per te frui,
In perenni gaudio.

English.png English translation

Rejoice, virgin mother of Christ
who hast conceived by ear,
with Gabriel as messenger.

Rejoice, for full of God
thou gavest birth without pain,
with the lily of purity.

Rejoice, for the resurrection
of thy Son now shines,
whose death thou mourned,

Rejoice, as Christ ascends,
and, in thy sight, is carried
into heaven by his own strength.

Rejoice, thou who riseth after him
and to whom great honor is due
in the palace of heaven,

Where the fruit of thy womb
is granted us, through thee, to enjoy
in eternal rejoicing.
Translation by St Ann choir

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