Hettorre della Marra

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Alias: Ettore de la Marra


Born: c. 1570

Died: 1634

A nobleman, musician, amateur madrigalist, and acquaintance of Carlo Gesualdo. Only four vocal works by Hettorre della Marra survive: two from Scipione Lacorcia's third book of madrigals (1620), and two from the 1609 collection "Teatro de Madrigali" (Gargano and Nucci, Naples). Aside from his involvement in the Naples city government, Hettorre was also a lutenist and guitarist in Carlo Gesualdo's Accademia. Stylistically, Hettorre's music is solidly in the Gesualdo school.

Two additional works by Hettorre appear in the Naples MS 4.6.3 in the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella: Spagnella, for clavichord, and an untitled work for two sopranos.

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