John Harrison Tenney

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Born: 1840

Died: 1918


John Harrison Tenney was born in Rowley, Massachusetts. His father was a choir director and his mother was the leading soprano in her husband’s choir. He was named after President William Henry Harrison, being born just after the presidential campaign of “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too.” By age 8, his parents had taught him to sight-read music. He attended singing school and developed a pastime of composing tunes to well-known hymn texts. He studied his father’s books and taught himself the principles of harmony. He subscribed to the periodical “The Musical Pioneer” and consumed its contents. He began to submit items to the paper, and many were accepted for publication. He became a deacon and organist in the Congregational Church in Linebrook, Massachusetts. He edited or was associate editor of over 30 books, and contributed to hundreds more. He was a prolific composer of music for Sunday schools, churches, singing schools and choral societies.

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