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Born: 27 June 1897

Died: 21 July 1962


Maceo Pinkard was an American composer, lyricist, and music publisher. Among his compositions is "Sweet Georgia Brown", a popular standard for decades after its composition and famous as the theme of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team. Pinkard was inducted in the National Academy of Popular Music, Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1984. Pinkard was born in Bluefield, West Virginia. He was educated at the Bluefield Colored Institute, class of 1913, and wrote his first major song ("I'm Goin' Back Home") one year later. He was one of the greatest composers of the Harlem Renaissance.[1] In his early career he formed his own orchestra and toured throughout the US as the conductor. In 1914, at age 17, Pickard founded the theatrical agency in Omaha, Nebraska and eventually founded Pinkard Publications, a music publishing firm in New York City. In 1917 he formed his own publishing firm, Maceo Pinkard Music, and began selling compositions to national publishing companies such as Frank K. Root in Chicago and Leo Feist in New York. In late 1918 he was hired by the firm of Shapiro, Bernstein & Company in New York and the following year saw the publication of first big hit, “Mammy O’Mine.” 1918 saw a flood of music related to the war. Pinkard composed with words and music “Don’t Cry Little Girl, Don’t Cry.” The song is a touching and emotional ballad, as one would expect. The sentiment in the lyrics is universal for lovers who must part.[2]

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