Motettorum, Book 12 (Pierre Attaingnant)

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General information

Title: Lib. duodecimus xvii. musicales ad virginem christiparam salutationes habet

Full Title: Lib. duodecimus xvii. musicales ad virginem christiparam salutationes habet, ut subscripto indice videre licet

Editors / Compilers: Pierre Attaingnant

Description: The twelfth in a series of fourteen motet collections published by Attaingnant in 1534, 1535, and 1539. This collection has seventeen motets for four, five, six, eight, and twelve voices by French composers, each one a "salutation" to the Virgin Mary. It was published as four part books in March, 1535.

Publication date and place: 1535 by Pierre Attaingnant in Paris.

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List of Works

No. Title Composer Voices Comment
1 Ave Regina caelorum Mathieu Sohier 4
2 Ave Regina caelorum Georges Mauricius 4
3 Salve Regina misericordie Mathieu Sohier 4
4 Regina caeli laetare Mathieu Sohier 5
5 Regina caeli Pierre Moulu 4 canon in the Superius part
6 Regina caeli laetare Adrian Willaert 5 canons in both Tenor parts
7 Regina caeli Jean Rousée 8
8 Regina caeli Nicolas Gombert 12
9 Regina celi Pierre Vermont 6 only five parts given
10 Regina caeli François Bourguignon 4
11 Regina caeli Andreas de Silva 6 canon in Superius and Tenor parts
12 Salve regina Josquin des Prez 5
13 Salve regina Claudin de Sermisy 6
14 Salve regina Jean Conseil 5
15 Salve regina Jehan L'Heritier 6 canon in the Tenor part
16 Salve regina Hotinet Barra 4
17 Salve regina Jean Richafort 5

Works at CPDL

Title Year No. Composer Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Regina caeli 1535 11 Andreas de Silva Sacred Votive antiphons 6 STTTBB,SATTBB
Regina caeli 1535 7 Jean Rousée Sacred Antiphons 8 SSTTTTBB
Regina caeli 1535 8 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets 12 SSSAATTTBBBB
Regina caeli 1535 5 Pierre Moulu Sacred Votive antiphons 4 STTB,TTTB,SATB
Regina celi 1535 9 Pierre Vermont Sacred Motets 5 STTTB
Salve Regina a 5 1532 17 Jean Richafort Sacred Motets 5 STTTB,SATTB
Salve Regina a 5 1521 12 Josquin des Prez Sacred Motets 5 SATTB,STTTB
Salve regina 1535 13 Claudin de Sermisy Sacred Antiphons 4 ATTB
Salve regina 1535 14 Jean Conseil Sacred Antiphons 5 STTTB
Salve regina 1535 15 Jehan L'Heritier Sacred Antiphons 6 SATTTB