Petrus de Domarto

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Born: fl. c. 1445 - c. 1462


Biography Though he surfaces in payrolls at Antwerp (1449) and at Tournai (1451), little else is known of Domarto's life. The Missa Spiritus almus is one of the earliest continental mass cycles unified by a single tenor. In the 1470s the theorist and composer Tinctoris, while described Domarto along with Jean Cousin, as "non parvae auctoritatis" (of no small authority), nonetheless singled out Domarto as his whipping boy for committing composition "errors" in the 1450s according to composition theory that may have influenced other composers decades after, such as Antoine Busnois, Johannes Ockeghem and Johannes Regis.

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List of choral works

4 works survive:



  • Je vis tous jours 3vv
  • Cheluy qui est tant plain de deul 3vv

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