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Born: c.1430

Died: after 1479


In 1457, Robert Morton was appointed as a clerk to the Burgundian court chapel. Described as ‘chapellain angloix’, he was, presumably, English. His name may or may not also suggest that. There seems, however, little evidence to connect him to Cardinal John Morton. Robert Morton was lent to Charles the Bold’s court in Chambéry for several months between 1464 and 1466. In 1471, he was promoted to chappellain at the Burgundian court; it seems he quitted the court in 1476, for another man filled his post. There is evidence of his being alive in 1478, but then he disappears from records. From the anonymous rondeau La plus grant chiere, it would appear that he and Hayne van Ghizeghem did a good musical double act. Although Morton wrote both sacred and secular music, only his chansons survive, and of them only a handful.

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List of choral works at CPDL

Works for three voices

Works for four voices


List of works

Known works

  • Cousine trop vous abusés (rondeau, 3vv)
  • Il sera pour vous conbatu/ L'homme armé (quodlibet; rondeau, 3 or 4vv)
  • Mon bien ma joyeux (rondeau, 3vv)
  • N'aray je jamais mieulx que j'ay (rondeau, 3vv)
  • Paracheve ton entreprise (rondeau, 3vv)
  • Plus j'ay le monde (rondeau, 3vv)
  • Que pourroit plus faire une dame (rondeau, 3vv)
  • Le souvenir (rondeau, 3 or 4vv)

Spurious works

  • C’est temps perdu (Caron?)
  • Elend du hast umbfangen mich
  • Pues serviçio vos desplaze (Enrique?)
  • Vien avante morte dolente (Basin?)

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