Sebastián Raval

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Born: ca. 1550

Died: 1604


Born in Cartagena (Spain), he served as a soldier of the Spanish army in Flanders and Sicily. He joined the order of St. John of Jerusalem after being wounded in the siege of Maastricht. As a musician, he served in the court of Francesco Maria della Rovere in Rome.

On 28 April 1595 he took the post of maestro di capella of the royal chapel in Palermo.

In Sicily, he challenged Achile Falcone to a musical competition, that was decided in favour of Raval after some appeals. Falcone's father published the pieces object of the competition including several, canons, madrigals, motets and ricercares.

Raval died in Palermo (Sicily) in 1604

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List of choral works

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  • Il primo libro di canzonette a quattro voci (Venice: Vincenti, 1593)
  • Il primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci (Venice: Vincenti, 1593)
  • Motectorum quinque vocum liber primus (Rome: Coattino, 1593)
  • Lamentationes Hieremiae prophetae quinque vocum (Rome: Mutii, 1594)
  • Madrigali a tre voci (Rome: Mutii, 1595)
  • Il primo libro di ricercari a quatro voci (Palermo: Franceschi, 1596)
  • Motecta selecta organo accomodata (Palermo: Franceschi, 1600)


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