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I believe there is an error in the score: bass part, bar 33: the C should be an octave lower.

Ndokos 05:12, 17 May 2010 (UTC)

Indeed, in the corresponding bar of "Out from the Deep" the bass part has a C in the lower octave. Because it forms a unison with the tenor, this could be an error; However it seems to me just as likely that this upper C was an intentional alteration of Tallis' original, made by the putative 17th century arranger. This is at the point where new material was inserted, and to my ears an upper C is logical here at the transition to the new material, opening in the three upper voices.

(This piece appears to be an adaptation/elaboration of Tallis' "Out from the Deep", the two halves of which were recycled to furnish the setting for the second and fourth stanzas in this piece. The material used for the first and third stanzas, and the four-voiced "amen" were probably new material added by the later composer/arranger.) Mpt (talk)