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Request to delete the page suppressed

I just removed the cleanup template and the request to delete the page because, User:Giulia Tonelli claimed, the piece was supposedly not from Bach. As User:Danielharmer pointed out, this is no. 169 of 185 Bach Chorales, available on CPDL as scores #4545 to #4548 (this chorale is to be found in the last of the four PDF files). Thanks to him for spotting this.

There would be some work to do, like adding the BWV number and sub number, cross-referencing this page from the page for BWV 254, and possibly changing the page name to reflect the original German title even if only the English translation is available (and only the 4th strophe of it, for that matter), but this is no basis to the claim that the name J. S. Bach should be removed from the page, let alone to delete it. -- Arthur 2007-02-21 20:03 CET (19:03 UTC)