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THIS TEMPLATE is to be used on a music publication page, where more than one Edition of a publication exists. It has up to 30 parameters, for up to 30 editions. Template {{PubEditions}} can be used independently or in conjunction with the template {{Volumes}}. This is to allow for different Editions of a Volume (or Part).

IF {{PubEditions}} IS USED WITH {{Volumes}}, then {{Volumes}} must appear before {{PubEditions}}.

EACH PARAMETER is a comma-delimited list. The first item is always edn=<edition name>, where n is the edition number, sometimes the same as <edition name>, but not always.

(There are several editions of the publication, but only one volume or part)
ON THE WORKS PAGES, {{Pub|n|YYYY|in ''[[<Pub. name>]]''|ed=e}}; e is the Edition number (not the name)
Example 1

which results in
Edition 1 – 1791
Edition 1B – 1792
Edition 2 – 1794
Edition 4 – 1796

(There are several editions of the publications, and several volumes or parts)
{{Volumes|NV|<Name>|<Year11>|<Text1>|<Year21>|<Text2>|<Year31>|<Text3>| … }}
   where Year11 is the publication year of Vol. 1 Ed. 1, Year21 is Vol. 2 Ed. 1, etc.
{{PubEditions|NE|ed1=<edition1>,<Year11>,<Year21>,<Year31>, … |ed2=<edition2>,<Year12>,<Year22>,<Year32>, … | … }}
ON THE WORKS PAGES, {{Pub|n|YYYY|in ''[[<Pub. name>]]''|vol=<name> <number>|ed=e}}; e is the Edition number (not the name)
Example 2

{{Volumes|3|Part|1835|Part I, Songs and rounds|1836|Part II, Psalm tunes|1840|Part III, Anthems}}
which results in
Part 1 1835 – Part I, Songs and rounds (Edition 2, 1842)
Part 2 1836 – Part II, Psalm tunes (Edition 2, 1842)
Part 3 1840 – Part III, Anthems (Edition 2, 1843)

TEMPLATE {{PubEditions}} is designed for use with Template {{MultiPubList}}; when the two are used together, and with "ed=" in the {{Pub}} template on all work pages, several tables are produced, one for each edition (four tables in Example 1 above). If {{Volumes}} is also used, one table is produced for each edition of each volume (six tables in Example 2 above).

This template produces several DPL variables (dplvar) that are used in {{MultiPubList}} later in the page: z0101, z0102, …, z3050 (four-digit years); and ne (the number of editions).