Ten Collects (George Maximilian Slatter)

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George Maximilian Slatter's Ten Collects, (or Anthems), A Selection of Chants, A Sanctus and Kyrie Eleeson, was published in 1827: while the collection is not dated, it was published by subscription, and the inclusion in the list of subscribers (see below) of a reference to the 'late' Bishop of Lincoln indicates its publication shortly after the death of George PelhamLink to the English Wikipedia article. Pelham had been Bishop of Exeter from 1807 to 1820, when he was translated to Lincoln: he died on 7 February 1827.

Publication date and place: 1827 .


HER ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUCHESS OF KENTLink to the English Wikipedia article
THE RIGHT REVEREND THE LORD BISHOP OF EXETERLink to the English Wikipedia article, Ten Copies.

Acland, Sir T. Dyke, Bart. M. P.Link to the English Wikipedia article 6 copies
Acland, Lady
Atherley, A. M. Rev. A. Vicar of Heavitree, Devon, 2 copies
Attlay, Miss, Teignmouth
Atwood, Francis, Esq. Salisbury

Bangor, The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop ofLink to the English Wikipedia article
Bartholomew, A. M. Rev. J. Rector of Lympstone, Devon
Bastard, E. P. Esq. M.P.Link to the English Wikipedia article Devon
Bedford, A. M. Rev. R. G. Clifton
Benson, B.C. L. Rev. G. Lewes, Salisbury
Best, G. Esq. Essex Court, Temple
Birkhead, Mr. H. Organist of St. Aubin's Chapel, Devonport
Bond, T. G. Esq, Crediton
Brown, A. M. Rev. C. Whistone, Devon
Brutton, C. Esq. Exeter
Buck, L. P. Esq. M. P.
Bull, D. D. Rev. Archdeacon, 2 copies
Buller, Mrs. Downes, Devon

Clinton, The Right Hon. Lord and Lady, 2 copies
Canterbury, The Rev. the Dean and Chapter of, 8 copies
Carew, J. Esq. Exeter
Chichester, J. P. B. Esq.Link to the English Wikipedia article Arlington
Cole, J. Esq. ditto
Cole, Mr. C. Lay Vicar of the Cathedral, ditto
Corfe, Mr. J. D. Organist, &c. of the Cathedral, Bristol
Cornish, Miss, Exeter
Curtis, W. Esq. Portland Place, London

Duckworth, Lady, Wear House, Devon
Dacres, The Misses, Exeter
Dampier, J. L. Esq. King's Bench Walk, Temple
De la Fite, A.M. Rev. Park Place, Regent's Park
Dowell, Major, Exeter
Downe, Miss, Torquay
Drake, T. Esq.
Drury, Rev. Dr.

Exeter, The Rev. the Dean and Chapter of, 12 copies
Exeter, The Very Rev. the Dean ofLink to the English Wikipedia article
Exeter, The Rev. the Custos and Priest Vicars of
Eastcott, B. C. L. Rev. E. Exeter

Fiott, A. M. Rev. N. St. John's College, Cambridge
Fiott, Miss, Totteridge Park, Herts
Fiott, Miss L. Ditto
Fisher, D. D. The Rev. J. P. Sub Dean and Canon of the Cathedral, Exeter
Fisher, General, Woolwich
Floud, Esq. Alderman, Exeter

Graves, The Right Hon. Lord and Lady, 2 copies
Gattey, E. Esq. Harefield, Devon
Geare, John, Esq. Exeter
Gee, Robert, Esq. Cambridge
Gidley, John, Esq. Exeter
Granger, E. Esq. ditto

Hewitt, General Sir George, Bart. G. C. B. Southampton
Hall, R. Esq. Totteridge, Herts
Hallett, John, Esq. Haven Cliff, Devon
Harden, A. M. Rev. E. Amersham, Bucks
Heathcote, A. M. Rev. Archdeacon
Heberden, Mrs.
Heberden, B.D. Rev. T. Canon of Exeter Cathedral, 2 copies
Hoare, C. Esq. Luscombe House, Devon
Hodges, Mus. Doc. Bristol
Hughes, A. M. Rev. H. A. Honiton
Huish, A. M. Rev. J. Devon
Huntingford, A. M. Rev. T. Precator of the Cathedral, Hereford

Jacob, Rev. Dr. St. Aubin's Chapel, Devonport
Jacob, A. M. Rev. H. Prebendary of the Cathedral, Salisbury

Kerr, The Right Hon. Lady Sidney
Kekewich, S. T. Esq. M.P.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Kendall, W. Esq. Exeter
Kemp, Mr. J. Cathedral, Exeter
Kingdon, Miss, ditto

Lincoln, The late Right Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop ofLink to the English Wikipedia article
Lambert, W. C. Esq. Barrister, Temple, 2 copies
Lambert, B. A. Rev. B. Beominster, Dorset
Lampen, A. M. Rev. R. Vicar of St. Enoder, Cornwall
Ley, A. M. Rev. H. Kenn, Devon
Luscombe, Mrs. Exeter

Mount Edgecumbe, The Right Hon. the Earl ofLink to the English Wikipedia article
Martin, The Right Hon. Lady Charlotte, 2 copies
Mackworth, Sir Digby, Bart. 2 copies.
Macdonald, Colonel, Exeter
Mackintosh, Miss, ditto
Maitland, Miss, Totteridge, Herts
Manchester, The Rev. the Warden and Fellows of Christ's College
Marshall, B. A. Rev. John, Exeter
Miller, Mrs, ditto
Mitchell, Miss, Newport, Devon
Moore, A.M. Rev. Archdeacon
Moxhay, R. Esq. Organist of St. David's, Exeter, 6 copies.
Munton, Miss E.

Norwich, The Rev. Dean and Chapter of, 7 copies
Nation, W. Esq. Barrister, Exeter, 2 copies
Nepean, A. M. Rev. E. Regent's Street, London
Newman, R. M. Esq. High Sheriff for the County of DevonLink to the English Wikipedia article, 2 copies
Northcote, Sir Stafford, Bart.
Nott, D. D. Rev. F. G. Prebendary of Winchester
Nutcombe, Miss, Exeter

Oliphant, J. H. Esq. London

Poole, Sir W. Bart. Shute House, Devon
Paddon, J. Esq. Organist of the Cathedral, Exeter
Parr, Codrington, Esq. Stonelands, Devon
Peace, John, Esq. Bristol
Pearse, Brice, Esq. Murkham
Pennell, H. Esq. Ebford, Devon
Pilbrow, Mr. Exeter
Pilgrim, E. T. Esq. Exeter
Pitman, A. M. Rev. J. R. Kensington
Porcher, A. M. Rev. G. Oakwood, Sussex
Pouget, R. Esq. M. D. Florence
Pyle, A. M. Rev. Samuel, Topsham, Devon

Quantock, Captain, Langston, Devon

Rolle, The Right Hon. LordLink to the English Wikipedia article and Lady, 2 copies
Rogers, Sir John Lemon, Bart.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ripon, The Rev. the Dean and Chapter of
Risdon, Mr. J. Lay Vicar of Exeter Cathedral
Rodd, Miss, Exeter

Salisbury, The Rev. the Dean and Chapter of, 4 copies
Stanhope, Sir Edwin and Lady, 2 copies
St. Peter's College, Cambridge
Salter, Mr. P. Cathedral, Exeter
Sandford, Mrs. Linton Cottage, Devon
Sandys, Mrs. Exeter
Short, F. B. Esq. Bickham, Devon
Slatter, A. B. Rev. T. R. J. Syresham, Northamptonshire
Smith, A. M. Rev. C. Fellow of St Peter's College, Cambridge
Smythe, W. Esq. A. M. Professor of Modern History, St. Peter's College, Cambridge
Stovin, Miss Emma
Stowey, A. Esq. Kenbury, Devon
Swete, Mrs. Oxton House, Devon

Tilbrooke, A. M. Rev. T. Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge
Tonkin, W. H. Esq. Teignmouth
Travers, P. P. Esq. Fairfield, Devon
Trevillian, W. Ceely, Esq. Devon
Turner, Francis, Esq. Exeter
Turner, T. Esq. Exeter

Vicary, Walter, Esq. Mus. Bac. Oxon
Vicary, A. T. R. Esq. A. B. Exeter
Vickery, A. M. Rev. F. W. J. London, 2 copies

Wells, The Rev. the Dean and Chapter of, 2 copies
Westminster, The Very Rev. the Dean ofLink to the English Wikipedia article
Wait, W. Esq. Bristol
Warren. D. D. The Rev. J. Heavitree
Webb, G. Esq. Exeter.
Wesley, Samuel, Esq. London
Whipham, A. M. Rev. ‒ Kingsteignton
Wilson, John, Esq. Exeter


Pages Description Text
012-6 Collect for the first Sunday in Advent Almighty God, give us grace
027-14 Collect for Innocents Day O Almighty God, who out of the mouths of babes and sucklings
0315-24 Collect for Ash Wednesday Almighty and everlasting God, who hatest nothing that thou hast made
0425-28 Collect for the Fourth Sunday in Lent Grant, we beseech thee, almighty God
0529-33 Collect for the Sunday next before Easter Almighty and everlasting God, who of thy tender love
0634-39 Collect for the First Sunday after Easter Almighty Father, who hast given thine only Son
0740-45 Collect for the Sunday after Ascension Day O God, the king of glory
0846-50 Collect for the Ninth Sunday after Trinity Grant to us, O Lord, O grant, we beseech thee
0951-56 Collect for the Tenth Sunday after Trinity Let thy merciful ears
1057-61 Collect for the Twelfth Sunday after Trinity Almighty and everlasting God, who art always more ready
1162-71 Chants [20 double chants, without texts]
1272-73 Sanctus Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts
1374-75 Kyrie Eleeson Lord, have mercy upon us

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Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Let thy merciful ears 1827 51-56 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB

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