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General Information

Contributor since: 2006-02-21

Works with editions by this editor: 46 (see list)

Contact Information

e-mail: peter.gibson.cb2 At sign.png


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Convert all contributions to Sibelius 7, and produce XML file

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File:John Goldwin Come ye children.mid
File:John Goldwin Come ye children.mxl
File:John Goldwin Come ye children.sib
File:John Goldwin Come ye children.pdf
File:Elgar Intende.mid
File:Elgar Intende .mxl
File:Elgar Intende.sib
File:Elgar Intende.pdf
File:Edward Elgar fear not.mid
File:Edward Elgar fear not.mxl
File:Edward Elgar fear not.sib
File:Edward Elgar fear not.pdf
File:Thomas Ebdon Evening Service C.mid
File:Thomas Ebdon Evening Service C.mxl
File:Thomas Ebdon Evening Service C.sib
File:Thomas Ebdon Evening Service C.pdf
File:George Day Evening Service F.mid
File:George Day Evening Service F.mxl
File:George Day Evening Service F.sib
File:George Day Evening Service F.pdf
File:Arnold Evening Service A.mid
File:Arnold Evening Service A.mxl
File:Arnold Evening Service A.pdf
File:Arnold Evening Service A.sib
File:Adrian Batten Deliver us.mid
File:Adrian Batten Deliver us.mxl
File:Adrian Batten Deliver us.pdf
File:Adrian Batten Deliver us.sib
File:William Boyce Morning Service A major (1750).pdf
File:William Boyce Morning Service A major (1750).mid
File:William Boyce Morning Service A major (1750).mxl
File:William Boyce Morning Service A major (1750).sib
File:Edward Bunnett Evening Service F.pdf
File:Edward Bunnett Evening Service F.mid
File:Edward Bunnett Evening Service F.mxl
File:Edward Bunnett Evening Service F.sib
File:Edward Bunnett Grace.mid
File:Edward Bunnett Grace.pdf
File:Edward Bunnett Grace.mxl
File:Edward Bunnett Grace.sib
File:George Coombes Evening Canticles A.mid
File:George Coombes Evening Canticles A.pdf
File:George Coombes Evening Canticles A.mxl
File:George Coombes Evening Canticles A.sib

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  • The Lamentation (Edward Bairstow)

Or not, as there is significant editorial input by Eric Milner-White (1884-1963), so the work will not pass into the public domain until the beginning of January, 2034.


File:EW Naylor Vox Dicentis.pdf
File:EW Naylor Vox Dicentis.mid
File:EW Naylor Vox Dicentis.mxl
File:EW Naylor Vox Dicentis.sib
File:Walter Alcock Te Deum B flat.pdf
File:Walter Alcock Te Deum B flat.mid
File:Walter Alcock Te Deum B flat.mxl
File:Walter Alcock Te Deum B flat.sib
File:Walker Lord Thou hast been.pdf
File:Walker Lord Thou hast been.mxl
File:Walker Lord Thou hast been.mid
File:Walker Lord Thou hast been.sib
File:Walker I will lift up.pdf
File:Walker I will lift up.mxl
File:Walker I will lift up.mid
File:Walker I will lift up.sib
File:Davies O sons and daughters.pdf
File:Davies O sons and daughters.mxl
File:Davies O sons and daughters.mid
File:Davies O sons and daughters.sib
File:Davies Evening Service E flat.pdf
File:Davies Evening Service E flat.mxl
File:Davies Evening Service E flat.mid
File:Davies Evening Service E flat.sib


Singer (Bass) and Hon. librarian of Wimborne Minster Church choir (Dorset) since 1989.