Walther von der Vogelweide

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Assuming the Reichton posture (Codex ManesseLink to the English Wikipedia article fol. 124r)


Born: c. 1170

Died: c. 1230

Biography Acclaimed as the successor of the Minnesänger Reimar von Hagenau in Gottfried von StrassburgLink to the English Wikipedia article's Tristan (c. 1210; lines 4792 ff.), much of Walther's life can only be inferred from allusions in his poems to events of the German throne disputeLink to the English Wikipedia article: he supported Philip of SwabiaLink to the English Wikipedia article's candidacy in 1197, and was a latecomer to the Hohenstaufen side after the Fifth CrusadeLink to the English Wikipedia article and Frederick BarbarossaLink to the English Wikipedia article's ascent.

A single contemporary document places him at ZeiselmauerLink to the English Wikipedia article on 12 November 1203 (the 'previous day' being St. Martin's) and records a payment for a fur coat: ‘Sequenti die apud Zei. Walthero cantori de Vogelweide pro pellicio .v. sol(idos) longos’. No other calendar dates are associated with Walther's life; commemorations might reasonably be held on the German Namedays 22. Januar, 8. April, 17. Mai, or the dedication of his niche in Wurzburg's Neumünsterkirche, 25. August 1843.

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