William Jackson of Exeter

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Born: 29 May 1730

Died: 5 July 1803

Biography Jackson usually referred to himself as "of Exeter", not as disambiguation, but because he was proud of his origins. This was analogous to the contemporaneous artist brothers William, George and John Smith invariably labelling themselves as "of Chichester". Jackson's assumed epithet became useful after his death to distinguish him from another composer of the same name, usually referred to as William Jackson "of Masham" (1815-1866).

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List of choral works

Sacred works

Secular works

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  • Twelve songs, Op.1, c.1755
  • Elegies, Op.3, c.1760
  • Twelve Songs, Op.4, c.1765
  • An Anthem...and An Ode, Op.5, 1766
  • Twelve Hymns, Op.6, 1768
  • Twelve Songs, Op.7, c.1770
  • An ode to Fancy (Warton), Op.8, c.1770
  • Twelve Canzonets, Op.9, c.1770
  • Six Quartets, Op.11, c.1775
  • A Second Set of Twelve Canzonets, Op.13, c.1782
  • Twelve Pastorals, Op.15, 1786
  • Twelve Songs, Op.16, c.1790
  • Six Epigrams, Op.17, c.1795
  • Six Madrigals, Op.18, c.1798

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