Claudio Pari

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Alias: Claude Paris


Born: 1574, Salines (now Salins-les-Bains), Burgundy

Died: after 1619

Italian composer of Burgundian birth. In the auto-da-fé celebrated at the monastery of S Domenico, Palermo, on 22 December 1598, he was sentenced to row in the galleys for five years for heresy. From 6 September 1611 to 18 March 1619, the dates of the dedications of his second and fourth books of five-part madrigals, he was active in Sicily, particularly in Palermo. In the dedication of the third book he refers to his ultramontane origin, and on all the title-pages he is described as Burgundian. The dedication and postscript of the second book state that, as well as the lost first book, he had already published a collection of six-part madrigals, which is also lost. In 1615, according to an uncatalogued document in the Archivio di Stato, Palermo, he received a three-year appointment as director of music at the house of the Jesuits at Salemi, in western Sicily.

He may be considered a worthy follower of Giovanni de Macque’s chromatic style and is indeed worthy to stand alongside the best Sicilian madrigalists of the day, such as Antonio Il Verso (who also published a Lamento d’Arianna in 1619), Sigismondo d'India and Giuseppe Palazzotto e Tagliavia.

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List of choral works

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  • Il pastor fido (second book of madrigals for five voices) (Palermo: 1611)
  • Il terzo libro de' madrigali a cinque voci (Palermo: 1616)
  • Il lamento d'Ariana (fourth book of madrigals for five voices) (Palermo: 1619)

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