Crux ave benedicta

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General information

Probably of the 17th century. It is in the Symphonia Sirenum, Cologne, 3695 (edition 1707, p. 196), the Psalteriolum Cant. Cath., 1710, p. 277, Daniel, ii., p. 349, Trench, edition 1864, p. 302, &c. Translated as "Hail be thou! blessed Cross," by G. K. Woodward in his Songs of Syon, 1904. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.] Source:

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Crux ave benedícta,
per te mors est devicta:
in te pependit Deus,
Rex et Salvator meus.

Tu arborum regina,
salutis medicina;
presorum es levamen
et tristium solamen.

O sacrosanctum lignum,
tu vitae nostrae signum,
tulisti fructum Jesum
devotae mentis esum.

Dum crucis inimicos
vocabis et amicos,
o Jesu, Fili Dei,
sis, oro, memor mei.

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