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Following are recommendations for file names and work page titles.

Recommendations for file names

  • As short as possible while still distinguishable from other CPDL scores.
  • Use a system that helps you remember where you put it on your computer.
  • The file name will be part of an URL, so please don't use blank spaces, commas (,), colons (:), semicolons (;), brackets and braces "{ } [ ]", quotation marks ( " « » „ ” „ “ ), question marks (?), ellipses ( ), or other programming symbols (such as | / \ < > * ^ $ @ & # ~ ¦ ) in the file name – but underscores and dashes are permitted; periods and exclamation marks (. !) are permitted but discouraged.

Recommendations for work page titles

  • As short as possible while being intelligible to users and distinguishable from other similarly titled works.
  • Some programming symbols (such as | / \ < > * ^ $ @ & # ~ ¦ ) must be avoided. Allowable punctuation marks include periods (.), commas (,), colons (:), semicolons (;), question marks (?), exclamation marks (!), parentheses "( )", and the single apostrophe " ' " used within words. An ellipse ( ) could be used, but is discouraged – it is usually superfluous. Blank spaces are of course allowed.
  • Capitalize the title using conventions of the language in which it is written. In English if the title is the first line, capitalize only the first letter and any proper nouns; but other titles may have all words capitalized except prepositions and article adjectives. In Latin, the usual modern convention is to capitalize the first word and proper nouns (names of persons, places, or objects). See Help:Style conventions.
  • The composer's name will appear in parenthesis at the end of the title, separated by one blank space (automatically added by the AddWork form).
  • If opus number or work number is important to this composer, include the opus number in one of the following formats:
  • If text needs to be added to the title to distinguish the work from others, consider whether this can be accomplished by number or type of voices, publication date, order within a particular print or manuscript, or another system. See Help:Disambiguation or examples at Category:Disambiguation of works

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