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Where several composers or poets have the same or similar names, CPDL uses what's called a disambiguation page to clear up the confusion.

For instance, CPDL contains scores by more than one composer called Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Ludwig Bach, and so on. So, if you just type 'Bach' in the search box, CPDL has to try and guess which one you mean. In this case, it'll guess that you mean JS Bach and take you to his page - and it will present you with a message explaining what it's done.

But in case this guess is wrong, there's also a page called Bach (disambiguation). This page lists all the Bachs who have a presence (as it were) on CPDL. So, if you don't want JS, simply go to the disambiguation page and choose the one you want.

Try it now: type 'Bach' in the search box on the left, then click Go.

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