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When the Add works form is submitted (ie. when the button labelled "Add works data" is clicked), two things happen.

  • A formatted copy of the user's answers are shown on the user's browser, including the new CPDL unique catalogue number the system automatically assigns to that submission. This is so users familiar with editing wiki pages can add the formatted version of their information about their score submission themselves, by posting it into the composer page and then modifying an existing page for the title of the work itself (if a page for that work already exists) or creating a new page for that particular composition.
  • An email with this same information is also sent to "addscore At sign.png" which can be read by several admins. If the user hasn't added the formatted version of their entry themselves, the volunteers assist by doing so on behalf of the user.

We generally aim to add new editions within four weeks of submitting. However, because CPDL is run entirely by volunteers, there can be some delay in incorporating new editions into the archive. This page is regularly updated to indicate how far the backlog currently stretches. Date last completed:

02 February 2012

(See the discussion page if you want to check on the status of a specific score number).

If you want to add your editions more quickly to the site, please refer to the appropriate section of the Score submission guide. Please don't submit the add works form multiple times for the same edition. It will not be posted any faster. Also, when the form is submitted, a unique catalogue number is generated so multiple submissions for the same edition creates superfluous numbers and interferes with this system.

If you believe you submitted your edition before the date above and it has not been added, please email "addscore At sign.png" with the details including the editor's name, title, composer, and catalogue number if you know it. If you have any questions about any aspect of the score submission process, please refer to the Score submission guide or post a message on the forums.

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