Jesus, my truth, my way

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General information

This is an hymn by Charles Wesley, from Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1749, Hymn 128, Hymns for Believers No. 15. Meter is 66. 86. D (S.M.D.).

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English.png English text

1. Jesus, my truth, my way,
My sure, unerring light,
On thee my feeble soul I stay,
Which thou wilt lead aright;
My wisdom, and my guide,
My Counselor thou art;
O never let me leave thy side,
Or from thy paths depart.

2. I lift mine eye to thee,
My lovely, bleeding Lamb,
That I may still enlightened be,
And never put to shame:
I never will remove
Out of thy hands my cause,
But rest in thy redeeming love,
And hang upon thy cross.


3. To thee, when sin draws nigh,
O let me still confess
(While trembling to thy wounds I fly)
My utter helplessness:
Save, Lord! I cannot bear
This sore temptation’s storm;
Save, or I perish in despair,
O save a dying worm.

4. Still let thy Spirit, Lord,
Soon as the foe comes in,
His instantaneous help afford,
And stem the tide of sin:
Lift up the standard-tree
’Gainst my o’er-powering foe,
And show me, thou hast died for me,
And all my sins o’er-throw.


5. Teach me the happy art
In all things to depend
On thee, who never will depart,
But love me to the end.
Still stir me up to strive
With thee in strength divine,
And every moment, Lord, revive
This fainting soul of mine.

6. Persist to save my soul
Throughout the fiery hour,
’Till I am every whit made whole,
And show forth all thy power;
Through fire and water bring
Into the wealthy place,
And teach me the new song to sing,
When perfected in grace.


7. O make me all like thee,
Before I hence remove;
Settle, confirm, and 'stablish me,
And build me up in love:
Let me thy witness live,
When sin is all destroyed,
And then my spotless soul receive,
And take me home to God.

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