Jesus the righteous! lo, he dies

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This is an hymn by Philip Doddridge, published in 1743 in The Principles of the Christian Religion, Lesson 13, entitled Of Christ's Death, Resurrection, and Ascension. Meter varies from 88. 88. D (L.M.D.) to 88. 88. 88.

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English.png English text

1. Jesus the righteous! lo, he dies,
For sin a spotless sacrifice!
Justice has on his sacred head
The weight of our transgressions laid.
If God's own Son would sinners save,
He must be humbled to the grave;
That so a pardoning God might shew
What vengeance to our crimes was due.

2. Nail'd to the cross with torturing smart,
What anguish rack'd his tender heart!
Alas! how bitterly he cried,
Tasted the vinegar, and died!
Cold in the tomb that mournful day,
My Saviour's mangled body lay.
Well may I blush, and weep, to see
What Jesus bore for love of me.

3. But, Oh my soul! thy grief refrain,
Jesus the Saviour lives again.
On the third day the conqueror rose,
And greatly triumph'd o'er his foes;
Proved his recovered life, and then
Ascended to his heaven again.

4. Exalted on a shining throne,
At God's right hand he sets him down,
To plead the merits of his blood,
And rule for all his people's good:
Wide o'er all worlds his power extends,
And well can he protect his friends.
May I in that blest band appear,
Secure from danger, and from fear!

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