May we have grace and peace from God

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This is an hymn by John Willison, from his Sacramental Meditations and Advices, 1747, entitled The glorious Trinity adored, and Christ's Love extolled, based on Revelation 1:4-5, and 4:8. Meter is 86. 86 (C.M.).

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English.png English text

1. May we have grace and peace from God,
The glorious One in Three,
Who us created and redeemed,
And us doth sanctify;

2. Even from the Father, who still was,
Who is, and still shall be,
And from the sevenfold working Spirit,
Before his throne on high;

3. From Jesus Christ, the witness true,
And first born from the dead,
Who of all earthly kings and powers
Is Prince and ruling Head:


4. To this great Lord, that so loved men,
Such loathsome men as we,
As washed us in his precious blood,
Our souls from sin to free;

5. To him who made us kings and priests,
To God his Father high,
Be glory and dominion
Through all eternity.

6. Behold he comes with flying clouds,
Him every eye shall see,
And unbelievers, who him pierced
Shall wail most bitterly.


7. But let believers lift their heads,
With joy, to see and hear,
For then complete redemption
To them is very near.

8. The hosts above their homage pay,
And crowns cast on the ground,
They never cease by night nor day,
These praises to resound:

9. O holy, holy, holy Lord,
Almighty God alone,
Who ever was, and also is,
And ever is to come!


10. Glory, power, and honor still
Thou art worthy to receive;
All things were made to please thy will,
And by thy pleasure live.

11. Most worthy, Lamb, art thou, they sing,
To be adored thus;
Let with thy praise heaven's mansions ring,
For thou wast slain for us.

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