Modulationes aliquot quatuor vocum selectissimae (Johannes Petreius)

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General information

Title: Modulationes aliquot quatuor vocum selectissimae

Full title: Modulationes aliquot quatuor vocum selectissimae, quas vulgo modetas vocant, à praestantiss. Musicis compositae, iam primum typis excusae

Editor - Compiler: Johannes Petreius

Publication date and place: 1538 in Nuremberg by Johannes Petreius.
Description: A collection of motets for four voices. This volume contains sixteen works by French, Belgian, and German composers and was printed as four part books. As Petreius explains in his forward to the reader (dated the last day of August, 1538), he published this book while working on the second volume of Psalmorum selectorum, since that tome, which he had already promised, was taking longer than expected.



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List of works

1. Pater noster - Ave Maria (Adrian Willaert)
2. Misit Herodes rex magnus (Anonymous)
3. Quem dicunt homines (Jean Richafort)
4. Peccata mea domine (Jean Richafort)
5. Si bona suscepimus (Claudin de Sermisy)
6. Inviolata integra & casta es Maria (Adrian Willaert)
7. Miserere mei Domine (Anonymous)
8. In pace in idipsum (Conrad Rein)
9. Accessit ad pedes Jesu (Heinrich Isaac)
10. Dilectus Deo et hominibus (Anonymous) - attributed here to Josquin, elsewhere to Févin
11. Heu mihi Domine (Anonymous)
12. Cur quisquam corradat (Stephan Mahu)
13. Stetit autem Salomon (Josquin des Prez)
14. Hodie Christus natus est (Anonymous)
15. Judaea et Hierusalem (Heinrich Isaac)
16. Tria sunt munera preciosa (Maître Gosse)

Works at CPDL

Title Composer Year Subgenre No. Voices
In pace in idipsum Conrad Rein 1538 Motets 8 STTB
Pater noster - Ave Maria Adrian Willaert 1532 Motets 1 SATB
Peccata mea domine Jean Richafort 1532 Motets 4 SATB
Quem dicunt homines Jean Richafort 1532 Motets 3 STTB,SATB
Si bona suscepimus Claudin de Sermisy 1535 Motets 5 SATB