O twas a mournful parting day

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General information

This is a poem by Isaac Watts, published in Horae Lyricae, 1706, entitled Longing for His Return.

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English.png English text

1. O ‘twas a mournful parting day”
"Farewell, my spouse," he said!
(How tedious, Lord, is thy delay!
How long my love hath stayed!)

2. “Farewell;" at once he left the ground,
And climbed his Father's sky!
Lord, I would tempt thy chariot down,
Or leap to thee on high.


3. Round the creation would I rove,
And search the globe in vain;
There's nothing here that's worth my love,
Till thou return again.

4. My passions fly to seek their King,
And send their groans abroad;
They beat the air with heavy wing,
And mourn an absent God.


5. With inward pain my heart-strings sound;
My soul dissolves away;
Dear Sovereign, whirl the seasons round,
And bring the promised day.

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