Pelham Humfrey

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Born: 1647

Died: 14 July 1674


The entry in Cathedral Music, Volume 2 (William Boyce) reads:

Pelham Humphrys, was one of the first Children of the Chapel Royal after the Restauration. He was admitted a Gentleman of the said Chapel in 1667, and succeeded Henry Cooke, as Master of the Choristers, in 1672.

He had been sent to France, by Order of the King, to receive further Instruction from John Baptist Lully, a Florentine Musician of great Eminence, at that Time, in the Service of the French Court.--- His Compositions are peculiarly expressive and affecting, the evident Productions of a masterly Genius. He was also an excellent Performer on the Lute.

He died the 14th of July, 1674, in the Twenty-seventh Year of his Age.

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