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Born: 1624

Died: 4 February 1683


"Bachelor of Divinity of Cambridge, and Prebendary of Bristol …, He died 4th February, 1683, aged 69 years, and was buried in the South Aisle of the Cathedral Church in Bristol." Crossman's contributions were given in a small pamphlet entitled The Young Man's Meditation, or some few Sacred Poems upon Select Subjects, and Scriptures, 1664 (Julian. Dictionary of Hymnology, 1907, p. 269, quoting a 1720 publication).

The Wikipedia article gives birth and death years as 1623 and 1683. However, in old style, the year end was Lady Day, 25 March, not 31st December. In England, the change took place with the switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in 1752. Confusingly, Hymns Ancient and Modern, New Standard gives 1624 and 1683.

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