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Born: 29 March 1751, Stoughton, Massachusetts

Died: 9 June 1836


Supply Belcher was an early American composer in the New England psalmody tradition, singer, and compiler of tune books. He was one of the members of the so-called First New England School, a group of mostly self-taught composers who created sacred vocal music for local choirs. He was active first in Lexington, MassachusettsLink to the English Wikipedia article, then eventually moved to Farmington, MaineLink to the English Wikipedia article. Like most of his colleagues, Belcher could not make music his main occupation, and worked as tax assessor, schoolmaster, town clerk, and so on; nevertheless, he was considerably well known for his musical activities and even dubbed 'the Handell [sic] of Maine' by a local newspaper. Most of his works survive in The Harmony of Maine, a collection Belcher published himself in Boston in 1794.

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List of choral works


1. Psalm-Tunes

2. Anthems

2. Secular Music


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