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Is this piece by JSB? On the score it says :Melody by Teschner, harmonized by JSB.

Giulia tonelli, 0416 20 February, 2006

The source I've been able to find (from 1933) does indeed say "Melchior Teschner, arranged by JSB". The accompaniment in the middle section, and the part-writing in the chorale sections are quintessential Bach, so if you're voting to move it to Teschner, we should definitely make a cross-reference to Bach. Or maybe that's just me.... Kkroon 0626 GMT 30 January, 2007

One of the difficulties with hymns and hymn tunes (in both of which categories I include chorales in the present discussion, is that they contain at different distinct aspects: the melody, the harmony, and the text. It would be accurate to say that it is usually the case that the melody and harmony are often created at the same time, and by the same person, but this need not necessarily always be the case, and Bach's chorale settings are a case in point. In the case of All Glory, Laud, and Honor, the melody is by Teschner, who may or may not have created a harmony for it. But, in the case of the chorales in Germany, they were almost always sung in unison, so they were often reharmonized. Off the top of my head, I can think of three or four people who provided harmonizations (or in the terminology I am promoting on CPDL, settings) for the chorale, "Valet will ich dir Geben", adopted in English for the Text (originally in Latin as Gloria, laus, et honor) "All Glory Laud and Honor".

The Wiki format provides several means of resolving the issue, but I don't think a consensus has yet been reached on exactly how to do it.

Noel Stoutenburg 0826 GMT 30 January, 2007