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Note to the administrators


In my haste to submit my first CPDL contribution, I rushed to the link “Add scores to CPDL” without reading any instruction and I filled the submission form before actually uploading the file (because I thought I would be asked to submit it in the process). Of course I realized my mistake afterwards and I uploaded the PDF file, after having edited the main Brahms' page. I hope I did not wreak too much havoc there, and that everything is all right. Please feel free to contact me through my personal page (User:R), not the login name I used to submit the files, which I created for my choir in Paris (User:Coge).

I wrote the links to the PDF file and the Lilypond source code as external links (with single brackets), which is definitely wrong since they are hosted on ChoralWiki, but everything else I tried failed miserably, so I'm keeping it that way for the moment.

This contribution in a whole should be considered very much a work in progress, and I expect to make frequent updates in the next weeks.

I will submit the german text and the english translation shortly.

Arthur Reutenauer, for the COGE.

The PDF of #13583 appears to be missing multiple pages at the end. Zenbobby (talk) 19:28, 6 January 2024 (UTC)