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This template is similar to Template:Cat, except that it is used only to cite (ie. link) a category's name (or link with alternate text), without also categorizing the page in that category.

It has one required parameter (the target category) and an optional parameter (that provides an alternate way of displaying the link).

Syntax, with the one required paramter:

{{CiteCat|<category name>}}

which is equivalent to inserting

[[:Category:<category name>|<category name>]]

into a file, and the link is displayed as:

<category name>

Syntax, with required and optional second parameter:

{{CiteCat|<category name>|<displayed text>}}

which is equivalent to inserting

[[:Category:<category name>|<displayed text>]]

into a file and is displayed as:

<displayed text>

For example,

{{CiteCat|12-part choral music|12 parts}}

results in the link being displayed as:

12 parts