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Syntax for one lyricist
  • {{Lyricist|lyricist_name|optional_text}}
which produces the text
Lyricist: Lyricist_name optional_text
Syntax for two lyricists
  • {{Lyricist|2|lyricist1_name|lyricist2_name|optional_text}}
which produces the text
Lyricists: Lyricist1_name and Lyricist2_name optional_text

The conjunction "and" may be replaced by inserting another parameter:

  • {{Lyricist|2|Johann Gottfried Herder|connective=, after|Ossian}}
produces the text
Lyricists: Johann Gottfried Herder, after Ossian
Syntax for three lyricists
  • {{Lyricist|3|lyricist1_name|lyricist2_name|lyricist3_name|optional_text}}
which produces the text
Lyricists: Lyricist1_name, Lyricist2_name and Lyricist3_name optional_text

Whenever this template is used, the page is included in category Works with texts by known authors

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